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Common Conditions


InMotion Physiotherapy offers experienced care for spinal and extremity conditions, understanding that such issues can significantly impact daily life. Our approach begins with a thorough assessment to determine the root cause of your pain or dysfunction. We then create a customised treatment plan that may include manual therapy techniques like mobilisation and soft tissue techniques. Exercise therapy forms a core part of our treatment, with a focus on strengthening and stretching exercises tailored to your specific needs. We also educate patients on posture and body mechanics to prevent future injuries. Our goal is to not only alleviate your current symptoms but also to empower you with knowledge and exercises that promote long-term musculoskeletal health.

Tendinopathies, involving tendon inflammation and degeneration, are expertly addressed at InMotion Physiotherapy. Our treatment strategy focuses on reducing pain and promoting tendon healing. We employ techniques such as eccentric loading exercises, which have been shown to be particularly effective for tendinopathy. Additionally, modalities like ultrasound therapy and shockwave treatment may be used to enhance the healing process. Patient education is key in our approach; we guide you through activity modifications and ergonomic adjustments to alleviate stress on the affected tendons. Our physiotherapist works closely with you to gradually increase the intensity of exercises, ensuring a safe and effective return to full activity.

Calcifications in joints or tendons can cause stiffness and pain, affecting your mobility and quality of life. At InMotion Physiotherapy, we offer specialised treatments to address these issues. Our approach includes the use of therapeutic modalities like shockwave therapy, which has been shown to be effective in breaking down calcifications and promoting tissue healing. Manual therapy techniques, such as joint mobilisation, help increase range of motion and reduce discomfort. We also focus on strengthening and stretching exercises to support the affected area. Our physiotherapist provides personalised care, adapting treatments to your specific condition and progress.

Plantar Fasciitis, a common cause of heel pain, is skillfully treated at InMotion Physiotherapy. Our approach starts with a biomechanical assessment to identify contributing factors, such as foot arch anomalies or improper footwear. Treatment includes specific stretching exercises for the plantar fascia and calf muscles, which are crucial for relieving tension and pain. We may also recommend orthotic devices to provide proper foot support. In addition, modalities like shockwave therapy and cupping can be utilised to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Our physiotherapist provides education on foot care and preventive measures to avoid recurrence, ensuring you can return to your daily activities without discomfort.

Bone spurs, or osteophytes, often develop as a result of joint degeneration and can cause significant discomfort. InMotion Physiotherapy offers tailored treatments that focus on alleviating pain and improving mobility. Additionally, we employ advanced modalities like shockwave therapy, which helps decrease inflammation and break down the bone spur. We also provide advice on lifestyle modifications and ergonomic changes to prevent further joint stress.

InMotion Physiotherapy provides comprehensive care for muscle and joint pain. Our treatment begins with a detailed evaluation to identify the underlying causes of your discomfort. We use a combination of manual therapy, including soft tissue release and joint mobilisation to relieve pain and improve movement. Exercise therapy is tailored to strengthen the affected muscles and increase joint flexibility. We also integrate pain management techniques such as IFC (interferential current), TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), acupuncture and dry needling to provide immediate relief. Patient education on proper body mechanics and posture is provided to prevent recurrence and maintain long-term musculoskeletal health.

Ligament injuries, whether acute or chronic, require specialised care, which is a forte of InMotion Physiotherapy. Our treatment protocols are designed to support ligament healing while maintaining joint stability and mobility. Initial management may include manual techniques and modalities such as ultrasound to reduce swelling and pain. We then progress to targeted exercises to improve range of motion and strengthen the surrounding muscles, reducing the load on the injured ligament. Our therapists also guide patients in gradual return-to-activity programs, ensuring a safe and effective recovery process.

Postural issues can lead to various musculoskeletal problems if left unaddressed. At InMotion Physiotherapy, we focus on identifying and correcting postural dysfunctions. Our assessment includes a detailed analysis of your posture and movement patterns. Based on this, we design a personalised treatment plan that may include specific exercises to strengthen postural muscles and improve flexibility. Manual therapy techniques are also used to address any muscular imbalances or joint restrictions. Additionally, we provide ergonomic advice and posture education, helping you make necessary adjustments in your daily activities to maintain optimal posture and prevent future issues.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) dysfunction can cause jaw pain, difficulty in chewing, and headaches. InMotion Physiotherapy offers specific treatments for TMJ disorders. Our approach includes manual therapy techniques to improve joint mobility and reduce muscle tension and acupuncture to reduce pain. We also provide specific exercises to strengthen the muscles around the jaw and enhance coordination. Patients are educated about jaw relaxation techniques and lifestyle modifications, such as stress management, to alleviate symptoms. In severe cases, we collaborate with dental professionals to provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

Cervicogenic headaches, often stemming from issues in the neck, are effectively treated at InMotion Physiotherapy. Our therapists conduct a thorough assessment to identify the cervical spine dysfunctions contributing to your headaches. Treatment may include cervical spine mobilisation to alleviate tension and restore proper alignment. Therapeutic exercises are prescribed to strengthen neck muscles and improve posture. Additionally, we provide guidance on ergonomic adjustments and relaxation techniques to help manage and prevent headache recurrence.

InMotion Physiotherapy offers experienced care for back and neck pain, understanding that these issues can significantly impact your life. Our treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment to identify the root causes, such as spinal dysfunctions and muscular imbalances. Based on the McKenzie Method, identifying a directional preference of movement to decrease the pain and improve range of motion is the goal in the first few visits. Repeated exercise therapy is a key component to manage pain and restore mobility. We utilise a range of manual therapy techniques, including spinal mobilisation and soft tissue work when necessary to enhance the benefits of the exercises. We also provide education on proper posture and body mechanics to prevent future episodes.

Shoulder injuries, whether due to overuse, trauma, or degenerative conditions, are treated with expertise at InMotion Physiotherapy. Our treatment includes a thorough assessment to determine the specific nature of your injury. We employ manual therapy techniques to improve shoulder mobility and reduce pain. A personalised exercise program is developed to strengthen the shoulder muscles and improve functional capacity. We also focus on educating patients about shoulder mechanics and preventive measures to avoid re-injury

InMotion Physiotherapy provides comprehensive treatment for pain in the hip, knee, ankle, and foot. Our approach starts with a detailed biomechanical assessment to identify the underlying causes of your pain. We use manual therapy to address joint restrictions and soft tissue imbalances. Customised exercise programs are developed to strengthen the affected area and improve flexibility. We also provide advice on footwear and orthotics, if necessary, to support proper alignment and reduce stress on the lower limbs.

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) are common in today's fast-paced environment. InMotion Physiotherapy focuses on treating RSIs with a comprehensive approach. We evaluate your work and lifestyle habits to identify contributing factors. Treatment includes manual therapy to relieve muscle tension and joint discomfort. We also design specific exercises to strengthen and stretch the affected areas. Ergonomic advice is provided to modify your work setup, reducing strain and preventing future injuries.

Arthritis can significantly impact your mobility and quality of life. At InMotion Physiotherapy, we offer personalised treatment plans for arthritis management. Our approach includes gentle joint mobilisation to maintain flexibility and reduce pain. We design specific exercise programs to strengthen the muscles around affected joints, providing support and reducing stress. Pain management techniques such as acupuncture are also utilised to provide relief. We focus on educating patients about joint protection strategies and lifestyle modifications to manage symptoms effectively.

For individuals with osteoporosis, InMotion Physiotherapy provides specialised care focusing on bone health and fracture prevention. Based on the Bone Fit Program by Osteoporosis Canada our treatment includes weight-bearing and resistance exercises to strengthen muscle and promote bone health. We also emphasise balance and coordination exercises to reduce the risk of falls. Our physiotherapist works closely with you to create a safe and effective exercise regimen, considering your specific needs and limitations.


InMotion Chiropractic provides comprehensive care for neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Our chiropractor uses a holistic approach to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the nerves, muscles, and bones. Treatments often include spinal adjustments, which are safe and effective in restoring proper alignment and function. We also utilise soft tissue therapies and recommend rehabilitative exercises to strengthen and support the musculoskeletal system. Patient education on posture, ergonomics, and lifestyle modifications plays a vital role in our treatment plan, ensuring long-term relief and prevention of future issues.

Back and neck pain are common ailments treated at InMotion. Our chiropractor is skilled in diagnosing the root causes of your discomfort, whether it's due to spinal misalignment, muscle tension, or other factors. We use spinal manipulation techniques to correct alignment issues and relieve pressure on the nerves. Additional therapies, like active release techniques, may be incorporated to relax tight muscles. We also provide guidance on exercises and lifestyle changes to strengthen the spine and prevent recurrence of pain.

Headaches, including tension and cervicogenic types, are effectively managed at InMotion. Our chiropractor focuses on identifying and treating the underlying causes of your headaches, which often include spinal misalignments or muscle tension in the neck. Spinal adjustments are used to restore proper alignment and reduce nerve irritation. Soft tissue therapies are also applied to alleviate muscle tension. Additionally, we offer advice on posture, stress management, and ergonomics to help prevent future headaches.

Joint pain can arise from various causes, our chiropractor is equipped to address these issues. Our chiropractor uses joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques to restore normal joint function and alleviate pain.. Exercise recommendations are provided to strengthen the muscles supporting the joints, enhancing stability and preventing future injuries.

Accidents, whether from sports, work, or auto incidents, can lead to a range of injuries. At InMotion, our chiropractor offers specialised care for such injuries, focusing on restoring function and alleviating pain. Our chiropractor conducts thorough assessments to identify the extent of your injuries. Treatment may include spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapies, and rehabilitative exercises tailored to your specific needs. We work closely with you throughout your recovery process, adapting treatments as you progress and providing guidance on how to avoid re-injury.

Massage Therapy

InMotion Massage Therapy offers specialised treatments for chronic discomfort, focusing on alleviating long-standing pain and improving quality of life. Our therapists use a variety of techniques, including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release, to target the root causes of discomfort. We create a soothing and therapeutic environment, allowing your body to relax and heal. In addition to hands-on therapy, we provide guidance on self-care practices, such as stretches and relaxation techniques, to manage pain at home.

Mobility restrictions can significantly impact daily activities. At InMotion Massage Therapy, we address these limitations by focusing on increasing flexibility and range of motion. Techniques like Swedish massage, stretching, and joint mobilization are used to gently loosen tight muscles and enhance joint movement. Our therapists work closely with you, adapting techniques to your specific needs and comfort level, ensuring a therapeutic and effective treatment.

Muscle tightness, often resulting from stress, overuse, or injury, is skillfully treated at InMotion Massage Therapy. Our approach includes techniques such as deep tissue massage and myofascial release to relieve muscle tension. We also incorporate relaxation massage to promote overall wellness and reduce stress, which can be a contributing factor to muscle tightness. Our therapists provide personalised care, focusing on the areas most affected and offering advice on stretches and posture improvements to prevent future tightness.

Pain reduction is a primary goal of InMotion Massage Therapy. Our therapists employ a variety of massage techniques to address different types of pain, whether it's acute or chronic. We focus on identifying and treating the underlying causes of pain, such as muscle imbalances or trigger points. Techniques like therapeutic massage, and acupressure are used to provide relief. We also educate clients on pain management strategies and lifestyle modifications to enhance their overall well-being.


Pelvic floor issues, including pain and incontinence, can be effectively managed with specialised massage therapy at InMotion. Our massage therapist, Anette, is trained in techniques that target the muscles of the pelvic floor, helping to alleviate discomfort and improve function. Treatments are conducted in a respectful and sensitive manner, focusing on relaxation and gentle muscle stimulation. We also provide exercises and lifestyle advice to support pelvic floor health and improve symptoms.

InMotion Massage Therapy offers targeted treatments for various dysfunctions, impairments, and specific pain patterns. Our therapists conduct a detailed assessment to understand your unique pain profile. We then apply specific massage techniques, such as neuromuscular therapy and sports massage, to address these patterns. Our goal is to not only provide immediate relief but also to identify and treat the underlying causes of your pain, preventing recurrence.

Plantar fasciitis, a common cause of heel and foot pain, is effectively treated at InMotion Massage Therapy. Our therapists use techniques like deep tissue massage and cupping to release tension in the plantar fascia and surrounding muscles. We also provide advice on foot care, stretching exercises, and appropriate footwear to support recovery and prevent future episodes.

Postural issues can lead to discomfort and musculoskeletal imbalances. At InMotion Massage Therapy, we address these issues with a focus on realigning the body and relieving associated tension. Our therapists use a combination of massage techniques and stretches to release tight muscles and promote better posture. We also provide ergonomic advice and exercises to maintain improvements and prevent postural issues from reoccurring.

While our team at InMotion doesn't specialise broadly in TMJ work, Anette offers expert intra-oral treatment for TMJ dysfunction. This focused approach addresses jaw pain, headaches, and chewing difficulties associated with TMJ disorders. Anette employs precise techniques targeting the internal structures of the jaw, complemented by external massage of the face and neck muscles. Her treatment aims to alleviate tension and enhance joint function. Additionally, Anette provides guidance on specific jaw exercises and self-massage strategies to help clients independently manage their symptoms and prolong the benefits of the treatment.

Repetitive strain injuries, resulting from overuse of specific muscles or joints, are effectively managed at InMotion Massage Therapy. Our therapists use techniques like sports massage and myofascial release to alleviate strain and promote healing. We also focus on correcting muscle imbalances and improving ergonomics to prevent future injuries. Education on stretches and strengthening exercises is provided to support recovery and maintain musculoskeletal health.

Arthritis can cause joint pain and stiffness, impacting daily life. InMotion Massage Therapy offers treatments to alleviate these symptoms. Our therapists use gentle massage techniques to improve circulation, reduce pain, and increase joint mobility. We also provide heat therapy and advice on gentle exercises to support joint health and reduce the discomfort.

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